In Memory of Leora Kuhillow z"l

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mark Kuhillow – my wife Leora recently fought a high-profile battle against leukaemia. Prior to February of this year, she was leading a normal life, having given birth to our third child, three months earlier. Suddenly, she was diagnosed with leukaemia. Within 48 hours of her diagnosis, she was on a life-support machine and was given minutes to live rather than hours.

To the amazement of her doctors, she awoke from a coma 12 days later. Having achieved remission, she was given a bone marrow transplant in July. But sadly, her disease was so aggressive that conventional medicine could not cure it. Leora passed away on August 21st this year.

Upon hearing about her plight, literally hundreds of people in our community became involved in helping her recovery, either through prayers, attending screening events or contributing their good wishes. The elders in our community frequently said that they had never known such a rally behind one person. In the six months that Leora lived following her diagnosis, she truly believed that it was her job to drive this support to help others.

Leukaemia is a disease of the bone marrow. Often, as in her case, the only cure is through a bone marrow transplant. Our genetic make-up is determined by our ethnicity. Therefore, it is more than likely that a Jewish recipient will need a donation from a Jewish donor. Leora’s donor, a 27-year-old woman who lives in Israel, was found through the Ezer Mizion registry, currently holding almost 500,000 potential tissue matches.

We need your support to raise vital funds so that others have the chance, like Leora had, to find a Jewish donor.

Leora’s parents, siblings, children and I never dreamed, before the diagnosis, that we would need to be searching for a bone marrow donor. However, that became the reality. And now it is our job to help the next family in this situation to find their match too. Please help us in this crucial mission to save lives.

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